Saturday, April 15, 2017

FAKY's Major Debut: Fan Book Project (Updated: June 13th)

Update (6/13): The FAKY fanbook arrived! I can't wait for FAKY to see it, I'll probably ship it either tomorrow or Thursday.

Update (6/7 part 2): I have created a PDF link where you guys can view the book. I have blur/blocked off photos that had your selfies for privacy. I kinda suck at graphic design so the book layout is pretty ugly but I tried my best XD 


Update (6/7): I have ordered the booklet and it should arrive June 13. I will have the book shipped to Japan either June 14 or 15. Thank you so much to everyone who have participated in the fan book project. I'm not sure if you guys want to see the PDF now, if you do please comment below or if you want your message/photo blurred.

Update: (6/6): I'm close to finishing up the book on inDesign, I just have to wait for a few people who want to finish up their fan art for the book.

Update (6/2): Thank you to everyone who has participated in sending awesome messages and fan arts for this fan book. I've gotten over 30 entries and I'm so happy that I was able to get that many. Currently I'm composing everything on inDesign and then it will be professionally printed by Office Depot. If for any reason you weren't able to participate in time, you got until June 5th at the latest. Below you will see the finalized front cover design for the fan book!

As a long time fan of FAKY, since their debut back in 2013, I wanted to do something special for them. After seeing a lot of successful fan and collage book projects that fansites have done for J-pop groups, I thought we should do the same for FAKY to show our support. 

I want to collect messages and fan art for a FAKY fan book to show out support for their major debut since it's been about 4 years since their digital debut. Submission are due by May 31st. 
  • Send us your message to FAKY in general, or a member in particular, down below. You can also add an image, it can be a selfie, an image of your country, a collage, a hand-written message, art work, etc. Just let your creativity fly and show your support!
  • Your work MUST fit on a A4 Paper Sheet. (You can use one or both sides of the sheet).
  • All Messages will be printed in color and compiled in a folder.
  • Messages preferably in English or Japanese (are easier for the group to read).
  • Messages MUST Include name/nickname and country. (Messages without ANY of the two won’t be included)
  • Just ONE message / Sheet per person.
  • You can also add your Twitter/Instagram username so that FAKY can identify you
Submissions are due May 31st, it gives me time to compile everything into a PDF and have it printed by a printing company. 

Submit your photo entries to the following address:
(Subject: FAKY Fan Book-2017)

Another way to support FAKY is to purchase their new EP coming out this June, it comes with a poster.

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