Monday, March 6, 2017

Zenpop Japanese Sweets Pack: Gummy Land Review

Zenpop is a fairly new box service, started in October 2016, that offers a variety of boxes such as sweets, ramen, beauty, and stationary. So they are not a subscription box company so it allows you to order one box or more, any kind, at any time. You don’t have to worry about canceling a subscription. 

Zenpop offers three boxes that include Japanese snacks; Japanese Sweets Small Pack for $19.50, Japanese Sweets Pack for $29.50, and the Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack for $24.50. They offer free worldwide shipping to 94 countries. The box I'll be reviewing today is their Japanese Sweets Pack, Gummy Land, which includes more than 13 snacks!

Chocolate Almond Mochi
This was probably one of my favorite item in the box, mainly because I love mochi. It's a very interesting taste because you have a chocolate covering, similar to chocopie, and then the mochi and then another chocolate/almond filling. Overall, it's a nice little snack to have around or to drink tea along. 

Henshin Puchitto: Peach
These were very interesting, they weren't your usual type of gummy. These were more fuzzy and chewy, like a peach. I think this candy got the flavor right and along with the fuzzy feel, it's like you are eating a real one. The shapes are cute as well. 

Premium Hi-Chew: White Grape
I've tried candy similar to these, they were rose flavored. I love any candy that is grape flavored, mainly muscat flavored candy or drinks. I actually don't like Hi-chews that much except for a few flavors like mango but I love the style of these Hi-chews

Sanrio Pretzel Sticks: Hello Kitty
This is a Hello Kitty packaged Pocky like snack. Pretzel sticks covered in a thick layer of delicious strawberry cream.

DIY Kit: Gummy Land
This is probably of my favorite DIY candy kit I've ever done. You get to make multi-colored gummy candy, each set comes with 4 molds such as elephant, star, airplane, bird, bear, house, bunny, fish, flower etc. My kit came with a star, heart, giraffe, and fish. You can check out my Instagram for the results: sakura_harano

Super Mario Peroty Pop
 Mario character in chocolate candy form. The chocolate lollipop comes in delicious strawberry and vanilla cream coatings. I enjoyed the taste, it didn't have a cheap chocolate taste to it. It's a great candy for kids to have.

Lumberjack Stumps
If you liked snacks like Kinoko no Yama or Takenoko no Sato, you'll definitely love this. It's pretty much the same concept where instead of mushrooms or bamboo shoots, you have tree stumps. The stump is made out of cookies and the roots are made out of chocolate, it's a great snack to eat. 

Calpis Mikan Gummies
Calpis is a well known company that makes various kind of drinks, this is my first trying a gummy from them. This was orange flavor and it definitely taste very citrus. There's also a gel like filling in the middle full of orange flavor which I think is great when biting into it.

Porte: Fluffy Milk
This sweet was pretty weird in texture because there's a cocoa coating, then a melting milk fluff in the middle. I like any snacks or sweets from Hokkaido because they make the best dairy type of sweets such as the Hokkaido milk candy.

Matcha Cookie Sandwiches
If you love Oreos and you love matcha like me, this will be your favorite snack. It's pretty much matcha wafer cookies that are drizzled with with frosting and are sandwiched together with matcha cream filling. 

Donut Biscuits
It's a light butter biscuit, with a nice bit of  course sugar on top. I feel like I have tried a snack like this before, it's on the tip of my tongue. It would a great breakfast treat or a snack along with a cup of tea.  

Taste of the Northern Sea
I'm not a big fan of senbei (rice snacks) type of snacks unless it's a sweet. I didn't really enjoy this except maybe the shrimp flavored snack but it's not a type of flavor that I really like.

Ozack Roast Beef Potato Chips
I was actually surprised at the taste of the chips, I was expecting something around the lines of barbecue or something smoky but it taste a lot like Wasabi and Ginger Lays chips released a few years ago. It was delicious nonetheless.  

Pick Up: Cheese Flavor
It's my first time trying a Japanese snack like this. It's very crispy, crispy bite with flavor that melts in the mouth. Light and delicious, these light puffs have great cheese flavor richness. I would buy this again if I found this in the Asian supermarket. 

This box was great, they really put an emphases on gummy candies in this box since it's the main theme. I really enjoyed all of the snacks, especially the Pick Up cheese snack, the chocolate mochi and Matcha cookies sandwich. What's great about this box service is that since it's not a subscription type box service, you don't have to worried about a plan and you can try other boxes at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone who like Japanese snacks or really likes having boxes with a different focus each month.

For more information, be sure to check out Zenpop's page and subscribe today!

Disclaimer: This box was provided by Zenpop for review. All opinions are my own, honest opinions ^_^ 


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